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A barcode system consists of a software network consisting of mobile computers, printers, handheld scanners, storage infrastructure, and supporting software.

Barcode software integrates all of these systems into one platform allowing for the automation of data collection, which gives the opportunity for businesses to save time and money since these processes no longer need to be done manually.

Barcoding software generates machine-readable barcodes, and it also supports devices used to read the code.

The barcode software scans the barcode symbols and then relays that information to the other device using the software.

The other devices then decode the barcode symbols they are receiving, translate the bar and space content, and transmit data into a readable format.

Many barcode software products integrate with inventory management System and point of sale systems that track and assist with managing stock.

Barcode Software can be used in conjunction with invoicing software to track customer and vendor purchase relationships and create invoices for billing, labor, and insurance purposes.

This allows for more accurate and timely invoices for both buyers and sellers.

Barcode Software Features

Barcode software includes the following identifiable features:

  • Standard/custom barcode generator
  • Barcode scanning hardware
  • Allow for computers and other devices to read and understand barcodes
  • Label printer
  • Assign specific serial numbers to inventory and products
  • Integrations with POS & inventory management software

Barcode Software Comparison

When comparing barcode software, consider the following factors:

  • Budget
  • Hardware
  • Tracking


The price of barcode software largely depends on how many extra features a business would like to include in its inventory tracking system.

Depending on the size of a business, its inventories can vary as well as how focused they are on a specific industry.

Barcode software features can vary in cost depending on how large a business’s inventory systems are and what type of industry they operate.


Businesses that use barcode software will also need to purchase a label printer and label reading hardware.

The type of hardware a business needs will vary depending on the type of inventory they oversee.

A business that deals with large construction equipment will typically need larger printers, labels, and readers than a business that focuses on small retail inventory.


Businesses with regulatory compliances need the ability to track and check their inventory.

Tracking is essential for businesses shipping medical equipment and hazardous materials with strict regulations and oversight from local and federal government agencies.

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This blog is a great starting point to outlining and determining how your requirements and environment can guide your choice.

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