Wash-Care Resin

Wash Care Resin the ideal application is for textile and garment labels


Wash care Resin ribbon is capable of handling extreme environmental labelling.

Highly chemical resistant including alcohol and petro-chemicals.

Unmatched in abrasion and solvent resistance.

UL/CSA recognised with matching receiver .

Wide print latitude to broad range of plastic films, synthetics and polyesters.

Some Recommended Applications: extreme environment labelling, circuit board labels, chemical drum, automotive, signage, electronic component, product identification and asset tracking labelling.

Specially formulated for use on care labels providing excellent resistance to dry cleaning, home washing, industrial washing and ironing.

This resin offers high definition and density and can be used on flat head and near edge printers.

High printing density and definition wash care ribbon ( resin ribbon) available for many types of bar-code printers.


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