Thermal-Transfer Printing

is a printing method in which an image or text is applied to a label (or other types of material) by melting a thermal transfer ribbon as it passes under a thermal transfer print-head.

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The ink melts from the ribbon and transfers to the label/material.

Thermal transfer printing was originally developed in Japan as a method of printing the complicated Kanji characters.

It was then developed further to become a very versatile technology for industrial and retail printing and is used in label printers, in-line coding printers and print and apply systems all over the world.

There are 1,000s of applications for thermal transfer printing as diverse as printing a simple box end label or a car number plate ranging up to specialist applications like labels on rocket parts on the space shuttle.

Data Sheets

Thermal Transfer Ribbon (Full Wax)

Wax Application

Wax Specification

Thermal Transfer Ribbon (Wax-Resin)

Wax-Resin Application


Thermal Transfer Ribbon (Full Resin)

Full Resin

Full Resin Specification