Selecting the optimal barcode-based management system for your small business can offer numerous, quantifiable benefits to your company


Let’s explore selection criteria and the benefits of working with a domain expert during the selection process.

  • Inventory management
  • Asset Track
  • Production Process
  • Cost Control
  • Wastage Control
  • Save Time

Inventory management

Inventory management is the nerve center around which a business’s operational departments converge, making effective management practices central to your company’s long-term growth.

Relying on spreadsheet-based programs like Excel or Google Sheets to track inventory wastes precious man-hours and is inefficient and error-prone.

Ultimately, an inefficient inventory management system can lead to substantial losses in productivity and revenue, hampering your organization’s ability to scale over time. Professionally integrated inventory tracking software produces a powerful chain of effects.

Task automation streamlines operations that were once performed manually.

This kind of process automation increases accuracy, enables data analysis and prevents common inventory management issues like overstocking and stock-outs.

Reduced costs and improved efficiency empower your organization to run more agilely, giving your business an enormous competitive advantage.

In order to maximize the benefits of an inventory management solution and find the right software for your small business, it’s important to research and prepare beforehand.

To help you weigh your options, we’ll discuss how:

  • Business requirements and inventory challenges impact selection options
  • Number and location of users affect costs
  • Existing software environment may limit the options available

Equipped with this information, you’ll be well-prepared to select the inventory control system offering the best solution for your organization.

Asset Track

Improvements in barcode scanning and data management technologies have helped level the playing field, and businesses of varying sizes are more competitive than ever before.

Fixed asset tracking software is a comprehensive software system that enables users to track and monitor assets and equipment history, usage, performance, maintenance schedules and more. These systems rely on barcode scanning technology, eliminating manual data entry and their accompanying errors. Automation of key tasks such as report scheduling, record auditing and regular service notifications keep businesses running at peak performance. These systems track asset conditions and history, helping organizations maintain and extend the life cycle of their assets, reduce downtime and equipment failures, improve operational efficiency, meet compliance standards and evaluate performance to improve future equipment selection.

These functions provide powerful improvements to productivity and decrease the margin of error. Not all asset management software systems are equally capable of meeting your organization’s specifications or producing the results you’re after for the price you’re willing to pay. The following five questions examine the core functionality offered in asset tracking software to help you better analyze the available options.

Benefits of the right system

Offers Data Security – Protecting company data with a secure inventory management system that allows user controls as needed enables small companies to reduce risks of unauthorized users.

Improves Efficiency – Reducing the time and effort it takes to track and manage inventory while simultaneously improving data accuracy and operational transparency positively impacts the overall efficiency of your operation. Improvements in efficiency mean your customers and/or clients receive their products reliably and on time.

Optimizes Business Processes – The compounded benefits of improved efficiency, visibility, transparency, inventory accuracy, data analysis and forecasting, data security and reduced operational expenses all serve to optimize your business processes, streamlining your organization’s operations.

An industry professional helps businesses choose the right inventory management solution that offers these benefits without hampering operations or requiring workarounds.

Many of a business’s daily activities revolve around inventory control.

To identify and implement the ideal inventory management system, you must consider many different operational components – logistics, current workflows, tech specs of existing software and more – before you can consider which options are viable.

With so much at stake, why not bring in an expert?

CivicOne provides businesses with industry-leading hardware and software products, and one-on-one assistance to help ensure you select and implement a software solution that will meet your business requirements and overcome your current inventory management challenges.

Our barcode-based systems specialists provide the knowledge and resources you need to choose, deploy and integrate the right solution that will scale with your small business as it grows.

Consult with a Civic-One professional today to discuss your requirements and challenges, so you can be sure you reap the benefits of using the best solution for your inventory control and tracking needs.