A polypropylene barcode label is a synthetic option that can withstand harsher conditions than paper barcode labels.

Printing polypropylene labels with a wax/resin printer ribbon provides a high-quality result that can come in a clear or matte finish.

Barcode labels made with polypropylene and wax/resin ribbon are weather, scratch and tear-resistant, and in some cases, chemical and oil-resistant as well.

Polypropylene labels are best for non-flexible materials.

And while they’re water-resistant, polypropylene labels are not waterproof.

If your products will be squeezed or stretched, and submerged in water or continually exposed to humid/wet conditions, this barcode label is not the ideal choice.

These labels have a lifespan of six months to two years.

They cost twice to three times the price of standard paper barcode label materials.

You’ll most commonly find polypropylene barcode labels on the following products.

  • Barrels
  • Floors
  • Baggage
  • Retail shelves
  • Pallets and cartons
  • Electronics
  • Machinery