Another important consideration that should help guide your barcode label type choice is your adhesive requirements, which are affected by the environment and surface requirements.

The type of label adhesion should be chosen based on the operating and storage environment, which can be impacted by the presence of moisture and extreme temperatures.

In addition, the adhesive durability should also be chosen based on the nature of the labeled item and its surface requirements.

Following are the three most common types of barcode label adhesive options: permanent, removable and high tack.



This is the most common label adhesive type.

As the name implies, it’s meant to keep the barcode label on its product.

Permanent adhesive bonds to the product surface and cannot be easily removed.

It’s commonly used on wood, plastic, metal and glass.



Removable adhesive is commonly used for temporary labeling such as products or promotional materials.

Removable barcode labels can be removed without causing damage to the product or material.

However, if left on for too long or exposed to extreme heat, removable adhesive can cure and leave residue or marks behind when removed.

High Tack

High Tack

High tack adhesive is a stronger type of permanent adhesion designed to keep labels in place even when the surface is not uniform or clean.

These labels are not meant to be removed and last a long time on their surfaces.

Companies use high tack adhesive where other adhesives don’t work.

Fabrics or building materials that have different textures use high tack adhesives.