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For Sale : Model 150 TTR Slitter Rewinder

Thermal Transfer Ribbons Model 150 Slitter Rewinder

Machine Description | Machine Specification

Machine Description


This machine has been designed to handle coated polyester film down to 5 micron thick. The maximum parent roll diameter is 600mm with a maximum width of 248mm. The machine speed is infinitely variable up to 200mtrs/min. The unwind shaft is of cantilevered design & incorporates a 6" diameter airshaft.

The tension control for the system incorporates a loadcell roller in the unwind web path. This roller measures the force of the material as it passes around it & sensors fitted to the end of the roller send signals back to the electronic control circuitry. This signal controls the brake, which is mounted to the unwind shaft.

Leader table

The material passes around a number of idle rollers before reaching the leader inserter /splice table. The leader / splice table is 850mm long & has a fixed gravity clamp with splice groove at the forward end & an adjustable clamp with splice groove at the rear.

A leader material shaft is mounted parallel with the table & has holding clamps to hold the leader material in place as well as provide end load tension. Two adjustable tape dispensers are mounted forward of the leader material. A small diameter roller feeds the material at the correct height over the table.

Slitting & rewinding machine

The material passes under an idle roller & heads up around the back roller of the slitting section. This roller is a rubber cut spreader roller. The front slitting roller is very close to the rear one to prevent product dipping when slitting blades enter.

This slitting station is razor in air incorporating a razor comb assembly with 1mm pitch. This system allows for fast changeover of slit width patterns. This system is manually inserted & retracted.

The material once slit takes independent web paths towards the two rewinding sections. These rewinding sections are of turret design using cantilevered 1" airshafts.

The turret is manually controlled using a spring loaded pin (one for each turret).

Both rewind shafts are driven by a single motor. This motor is the speed control for the machine. The machine has a maximum winding speed of 200mtrs/min & a maximum rewind diameter of 150mm.

Machine Specification

Maximum web width 245 mm
Maximum roll diameter: 600mm
Unwind weight 49kgs
Unwind shaft: 6” Ø ID cardboard
Control Braked
Unwind shaft type Cantilevered
Tension control: Loadcell

Leader Table
Type Aluminum flat bed
Maximum panel length 810mm (300mm leader x 210mm waste x 300mm finished panel)
Maximum panel width 245mm
Type of clamping Gravity

Leader trailer
Maximum roll diameter 220mm
Core size 76mm
Material holding cassettes 1 supplied
Adhesive tape holders 2 supplied
Maximum machine speed 200mtrs/min
Infeed slitting roller Idler roller

Type Razor blade in air
Minimum slit width 40mm
Razor blade holder Razor comb (Reed) assembly

Rewind type Lock core
Maximum roll diameter 150mm
Minimum core shaft 1" diameter
Shafts supplied 1” shafts
Rewind control Motor drive package
Lay-on arm Individual for each rewind station
Material length Counter @ pre-set length
Operator control UDC 50 touch pad