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You've arrived at a place that's all about security:

Civic-One is an acknowledged leader and innovator in facility access and security systems, including proximity card access control, telephone entry, alarm system control, and time and attendance.
We can supply access control systems with the following Technologies:
* Proximity Card Technology.
* Magnetic Card Technology.
* Finger print Technology.
* Hand Geometry Technology.

By using our systems you can know who enter or exit your facility with date & time stamp, & you can put rules for entering or exiting the gates,who have the right to enter in which time frames per day or per week .

Doors is a user friendly software package, perfect for managing access control applications from 1 to 256 doors, at a single site or 256 doors per site across multiple sites.

The System Architecture Provides: 
* 100% Intelligence at each Door  
* Expandable 1 or 2 Door(s)-at-a-time 
* RS-232 Serial Port for Direct Connection to PC or Connection via TCP/IP or Modem for Remote Multiple Site Management
* Reliable RS-485 Controller Network for up to 256 Doors per site
* 65,000 User Capacity
* Support for Proximity Reader or any Wiegand Compatible Reader Technology
If you have any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.
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