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Introducing a versatile new wax ribbon, with a revolutionary protective backcoat

This innovative new wax ribbon technology is a breakthrough in more ways than one. It has the versatility and durability to work with a wide range of media.

But more importantly, this ribbon was engineerd to surprass performance levels of competitive wax ribbons, and to bring something revolutionary to the tag and label market - a ribbon which leaves no permanent build-up on printheads. 

That's why it is more than just another wax ribbon. 

More Protection for your Printheads
Common thermal transfer ribbons technology often leaves harmful build-up on your printheads. This can deteriotate print quality, shorten printhead life and increase your printer maintenance costs. With these things in mind, a revolutionary protective backcoat was developed to combat harmful build-up costs. With these things in mind, a revolutionary protective backcoat was
developed to combat harmful build-up to the printhead, unlike common thermal transfer ribbon backcoats. Once the backcoat is put on the ribbon, it stays on the ribbon. This thermal stability also protects you from another enemy of print quality - ribbon wrinkling. When printing a format where most of the print is concentrated on one side of the label, or when printing at high speeds or high energy, typical thermal transfer ribbons do not always move evenly across the printhead, causing crescent-shaped wrinkles to be formed. These wrinkles cause print defects. By maintaining a constant coeffection of friction across temperatures, label formats and print speeds, the backcoat allows the ribbon to advance smoothly and evenly through your printer for consistent, excellent print quality. No label application has to be avoided - every label is perfect.
This new wax ribbon exhibits excellent static performance s compared to competitive ribbons. Ribbons with high static charge can be difficult to handle when being loaded into a printer. More importantly, static attracts debris, which can lead to print quality degradation and ultimately, printhead damage. Static can also build to the point where a charge is released, causing severe damage to printhead 

elements. But the ribbon's low surface resisivity dissipates static charges harmlessly away. This results in a ribbon that handles easily, with no printhead damage from static build-up.

Forget about damaging printheads build-up and bothersome energy adjustments. Look forward to rewer hassles and lower printing costs with the only ribbon on the market that has a protective backcoat to save your printheads. You can expect greater versatility and performance on your tag and label print jobs.

This revolutionairy products offers:

Unsurprassed backcoat performance leaving no permanent build-up on your printheads
Consistent, excellent print quality for "A" scan grades, even at speeds up to and including 12 ips
Wide substrate latitude for outstanding printability on both coated and uncoated label stocks
Broad energy range allowing it to be "dropped in" on leading competitive ribbons with little or no printer adjustment

Comparison chart:

This new wax ribbon shows great versatility, producing "A" scan grades for both normal and rotated bar codes. 

Its optimum energy setting is very similar to competitors', regardless of print speed or bar code type, making it a versitile "drop-in" solution to competitive ribbons.

Even better, since it's not overly sensitive, this ribbon can replace other competitve products without having to adjust energy settings, with consistent performance you can bank on. And, since this new wax ribbon has a fairly wide range of energy settings at which it can perform optimally, it's interchangeable with most other wax ribbons on the market. It's a no-brainer: this wax ribbon gives you the added flexibility you need.

Seeing is Believing

You can see for yourself the difference the protective backcoat makes from the photomicrographs below. These show printhead elements after running 1,200 metres of the new wax ribbon versus its major competitor. It's shows no traces of build-up, signaling necessary printhead replacement. 

So over the long haul, one wise ribbon choise could save you thousends of dollars in printhead costs, replacement headaches and instances of poor print quality. 

Even after printing one million linear inches of ribbon, this new wax ribbon leaves virtually no printhead build- up