About Civic-One Print

Our Mission


Every business needs a system, and every system needs a key. CIVIC-ONE works hard to give you the key to create your own system.
Our aim is to effectively serve the market needs by our integrated various solutions, to build strong and long-lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers, and to enable the company’s stockholders and employees to achieve their reasonable personal objectives.


Through five years of R&D, design, production, quality assurance & supporting one of the most retrofit high-tech solutions in Egypt and the Middle East. CIVIC-ONE staff are claiming themselves as pioneers in solution designing, providing & implementing. Considering CIVIC-ONE group of solutions, their legacy of success that declares Civic-One’s excellent in not only conceiving the different complicated & operational requirements of our customer in different fields, but also perceiving the future needs of those customers through a stream of continuous innovative solutions, the way that rendering our pattern in customer satisfaction.

CIVIC-ONE overwhelms the various market needs and financial aspects that deal with the diversities of any business.

CIVIC-ONE ensures its dedication to the customer’s satisfaction by procuring its solution to operate on the latest computer platforms & environments world wide, which makes it always steps ahead in the Technology industry in the middle-east region.